Daily Tasks for Your Chickens

Having a flock of chickens requires some tasks that you need to tend to daily and monthly. These chores will keep your hens happy, healthy, and safe. Chicken care doesn’t have to be hard, and these lists can help you make sure you’re giving your chickens everything they need.

  • Check water and clean/refill as needed. You’ll want to make sure your hens always have a clean source of fresh water. Shavings, straw, and poop can get in the water and muck it up. Make sure you clean the waterer if it’s slimy. Use dish soap and water and rinse well, and use chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach as needed to sanitize. This is important, as chickens don’t like to drink dirty water.
  • Feed the chickens. You can free feed with a large hanging feeder and add the chicken feed as necessary, or feed them a set amount each day.
  • Collect eggs. Collecting eggs daily ensures that they are as clean as possible and minimizes cracked eggs and maximizes freshness.
  • Observe them. Spend some time with the flock observing them to make sure they are healthy. Bright eyes, smooth feathers, active, and alert chickens are a good sign.

Keeping in the rhythm of these chores will keep your hens happy, healthy, and laying plenty of farm-fresh eggs.